2015 PDNVC+E Winners

The $10,000 grand prize went to Productivity Pod, who created "...a special device designed for cognitively strained professionals that will enable a concise power napping experience, decreasing users fatigue."
Catera won the second place prize of $5,000 for their "...biotechnology company focusing on novel therapeutic treatments for late stage cancer."
LabQuick won third place with their "... versatile paper/PDMS hybrid microfluidic platform for rapid and sensitive global infectious disease diagnostics." Additionally, the team also won the Best Elevator Pitch Award.
Water Distillation Technologies took home the $500 Challenge Round 1 prize with their innovative "...process and technology based on solar energy to produce clear water."
Albatross won the $500 Challenge Round 2 prize with their "...lightweight and portable, chemical sensor, used to detect ordinances."
Coming from UTCH Sur in Chihuahua, Mole Tia Xochitl took home the Best Expo Display with their "... old fashion mole tradition with a new regional taste."
3D Monolithix won the $500 prize for the Best Business Plan that described their company's mission to "... improve electromagnetic compatibility by using meta-materials in the packaging of electronics and communications devices."