Welcome back!

We hope you are ready to be part of the event that is transforming the Paso del Norte region. This year we have gone above and beyond to collaborate with other local institutions on this side and across the border in order to raise the level of our competition. As you know, last year we expanded the horizons of our competition to Chihuahua City, and this year we are in the process of extending the invitation to more universities there. So now we can enable more students and entrepreneurs to create or grow a start-up company, and to provide them with professional direction and mentorship for their ventures.

But wait, that is not all, we have more exciting news! This year, based on your suggestions, we have decided to narrow the length of the event to two days only. So get ready for a more intense experience that definitely raise the bar in terms of team preparation and adaptability.

On the other hand, some things do not change, which in this case is great for all, since the winning team of the PDNVCE+E receives $10,000 cash plus in kind services with additional prizes available for other levels and best business plan.

Additionally, the overall winning team will receive an invitation* to participate in The University of Texas at Austin's McCombs School of Business Venture Labs Investment Competition. The winning team of this competition has the opportunity to win up to a $100,000 mixture of in kind services and cash.

So get ready because PDNVC+E promises to be the largest, most fun, and most innovative entrepreneurial event of 2015 in the Paso del Norte Region!

* Must meet GVLIC rules to participate