Welcome back entrepreneurs and future regional leaders!

We hope you are ready to "bring it" this year because the competition will be fierce. As you know we will have universities from all over the region participating, so teams from Chihuahua, El Paso, and New Mexico get those business plans ready because this year we will have a visiting institution from Guadalajara. That is right! This year we have decided to allow one university to send up to three teams to participate as visitors (some prize restrictions apply) in the spirit of providing educational experiences to other fellow entrepreneurs from outside the region.

This year, based on your suggestions, we will continue to have a two-day event, and additionally, we have fusion the Expo and the Elevator Pitch together so that more people from the community can come to see your ventures. So polish up your pitching skills because the crowd will be bigger than in previous years.

Fortunately, some things do not change, which in this case is great for all, since the winning team of the PDNVCE+E receives $10,000 cash plus in kind services with additional prizes available for other levels and best business plan.

So get ready because PDNVC+E promises to be the largest, most fun, and most innovative entrepreneurial event of 2017 in the Paso del Norte Region!


PDNVC+E 2017 Organizing Team