Ganadores 2014 PDNVC+E

The $10,000 grand prize went to Atlas Regeneration Technologies, who "...will introduce an external sensor called CalSensor II for water softeners that will maximize utilization of water softener capacity while minimizing salt and water consumption from regenerations." Atlas also won the prize for best expo display.
Polyverse won the second place prize of $5,000 for their " company in the field of polymers that will develop unique formulations to supply pellets and extruded plastic materials mainly to the 3D printing market. We offer exclusive properties that are not available in the market up to date."
"Stratum Technologies is a company dedicated to fulfill people's imagination with cutting edge Tabletop gaming," and in striving to do so won the third place prize ($1000)!
Kinnect Laboraties took home the $500 Challenge Round 1 prize with their innovative technology that is "...transforming patient care through precision-based medicine."
Not only did Miner's Eye win the $500 Challenge Round 2 prize, but they also won the Best Business Plan AND Best Elevator Pitch prizes. "MinerŐs Eye is bringing 3D sensing technology to the everyday household. Using natural interaction and a low cost webcam, applications such as custom fashion, text to voice, and security can be realized with easy to use platforms. Our feature product, Size.Me, will help solve retailers' problem with 70% online clothing returns due to sizing issues, a market size of $50 billion. Size.Me will be able to capture body measurements and match them with sizing charts, making purchasing clothes online easy and worry free."
Coming from Monterey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico, Maquina de Negocios won the Challenge Round 3 prize ($500) for their business which seeks to help other businesses cope with the new tax laws in Mexico.