Mobile Wellness Technologies American Water Recycling
Mobile Wellness Technologies is researching, developing and creating a line of products that monitor and improve personal wellness focusing on management of chronic conditions. A mobile evidence-based and user-friendly system to monitor stress levels and mental fatigue. This provides an integrated technological infrastructure to target a variety of sports, military and clinical applications and evaluate the effects of cardiac and non-cardiac conditions manifested in the regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Our goal is to provide our customers with environmentally sound water recycling options at affordable prices. Fresh water is the most precious resource on the planet and we value it as such with solutions for groundwater injection and water reclamation.
DRP Construction Group, LLC Ludus
Reinvent construction management by focusing on creating transparent construction processes and implementing the very best in construction technology in capturing the true essence of sustainability. Ludus is cloud-based collaborative brainstorming platform. The Ludus platform catalyzes unhindered creative processes in a whiteboard-esque multi-user setting. Ludus utilizes a unique pricing structure and a simple intuitive interface to lower switching costs and barriers to entry thus driving growth. Ludus amplifies human creativity.
Ecologix Born to Inspire, Lead & Succeed (B.I.L.S.)
Urban mining, a different ore source. The company's primary purpose is to provide mining services from discarded components that would otherwise be considered as waste as an approach to improve society's sustainability. B.I.L.S. is a company dedicated to inspiring the leadership that is needed to succeed. Our company will strive to encourage those with disabilities to remain independent by creating innovative products specifically for the blind.
Cyber Shark 35 Solar
Cyber Shark provides education and training in cyber and energy security technologies to prepare and protect our clients against cyber attacks. Existing solar panels are constrained by one of two things ‐ high materials costs in the case of crystalline silicon panels, or inherent manufacturing limitations in thin film solar panel production. 35 Solar plans to overcome both of these obstacles and bring a thin-film solar manufacturing facility to Southern New Mexico. Our facility will utilize a proprietary manufacturing technique that is more scalable and flexible than common deposition technologies used in the industry today. Additionally, the type of thin film we will use is considered part of the next generation of solar materials. These new panels offer the greatest potential efficiency of any existing panel design, and with our new manufacturing technique, we can make these panels using a cost effective process not available elsewhere.
Accessas PaperBlock
Gated community management system Construction block made of recycled materials, with thermal characteristics & cheaper than the regular block.
Control Freak Studios
We are software developers and digital artists who take brands and shape them into fun interactive advertising, combining design and technology to create a connection with our customers with their customers and make them feel closer to one another, as well as encouraging peer to peer advertising which is, in essence the act of people telling other people what they saw or what they played/experimented from a particular brand at any given time, and thus, empowering the core purpose of our company: fun and viral advertising. Control Freak Studio is a group of people who want to make of the world a more fun place to be and at the same time help businesses grow.